Podcast 390: Tim Calhoun from Quin Design Helmets

Tech, safety and affordability in one helmet. Sounds too good to be true? Quin Designs have done it. Tim Calhoun joins us to explain these unique helmets to us. How the tech was developed from a woodpecker, what the potential for this tech is, and what is coming next. And Doctor Detroit joins us to give her perspective as an ER doc. I don’t think I’ll spoil the surprise if I tell you that she’s impressed and can’t wait to get her own.
Also, Jon Dalton caught on fire, and so did his bike. He shares this scary tale that left him on the side of the road watching his bike go up in flames. Yikes!
With Liza, Jon Dalton, Naked Jim, Miss Emma, Bagel and Tamar.

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