Podcast 391: The Flying Angel Debbie Lawler

This week on our motorcycle podcast we get to talk to daredevil Debbie Lawler. When Debbie Lawler broke an Evel Knievel motorcycle-jumping record in February 1974, at the age of 21, the American press was riveted. While there had been a handful of women who raced motorcycles, there hadn’t been any female daredevils professionally jumping them—much less upstaging the brashest stunt rider of the era on national TV. Newspapers labeled her the “female Evel Knievel,” a “motorcycle madam” and “tigress on a cycle.” We talk to her about how she got into jumping, why she got out, and how awesome her dad was.
With Liza, Miss Emma and Bagel. And big thanks to our stunt Misfits Mike and Chris.

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