Podcast 398: AMA Hall of Famer Mert Lawill

This is week 2 in our Road to 400, where we are bringing to you some of the biggest names in motorcycling. This week we talk to champion racer Mert Lawill. He’s in the AMA Hall of Fame, the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, he’s a Grand National Champion, an innovator, designer and builder. But you probably know him best from the best movie ever made, On Any Sunday. He’s got some great stories to share about his years of racing with some of the greats, innovations he made to the frames of race bikes, prosthetic limbs he’s built to get amputees back on two wheels, Evel Knievel being a pain in the ass, Steve McQueen saving his hand, and having the first patent on a mountain bike frame for bicycles. He’s an all around nice guy too. So take a listen and listen to Mert’s stories, and then go watch On Any Sunday again.
With Liza, Miss Emma, Bagel and Naked Jim.

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