Podcast 402: Re-Cycle Snohomish?

This week on our motorcycle podcast we talk about our ride down the Pacific Coast Hwy, a much needed mental health ride, which then turned into a WTF ride when we were blazed by another group of bikers. This gets us talking about the unwritten code of being a biker. Things to do and not do.
Then we are joined by the Kelly family, who ride together, and hopefully wrench together. Paul has already gotten his wife and kids into motorcycle riding, but the next step is motorcycle wrenching. IN fact, he want to open up his space to anyone needing a place to wrench. His own Re-Cycle community garage. But they have a lot of questions for us first. Like, what lessons have we learned? Do people steal your shit? And can you actually control unruly people with a good stink eye? (the answer is yes). So listen in and enjoy, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to share your space as well.
With Liza, Miss Emma, Bagel, Naked Jim, Award Winning Mike and the entire Kelly family.

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